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Kalinin Maksim Aleksandrovich, Postgraduate student, Research Institute of Humanities under the Government of the Republic of Mordovia (3 Lva Tolstogo street, Saransk, Russia), E-mail: 

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Background. Social protection of the military personnel has characteristics which are caused by specifics of work of the military personnel. The relevance of a research of a system of social protection, the provided legal and social safeguards of the military personnel, first, is confirmed by considerable state attention to development of modern armed forces and implementation of legal and social safeguards and privileges for the military personnel, secondly, will be defined by the need for increase in the status and prestige of military work, creation of conditions for satisfaction of requirements and the interests of the military personnel acting as specific social professional group, playing an important role in ensuring defense and safety of the country. The research objective consists in the complex analysis of satisfaction with the system of social protection of the military personnel in modern conditions.
Materials and methods. Realization of research tasks was reached on the basis of the analysis of normative legal acts in the field of social guarantees of the military personnel, materials of the all-Russian and author’s researches of satisfaction with the system of social protection of the military personnel.
Results. The theoretical analysis of features of social protection of the military personnel is carried out, the system of social guarantees is presented, on the basis of the secondary analysis and these author’s researches factors of satisfaction with social protection of the military personnel at the present stage are revealed.
Conclusions. In the last decades there were significant changes in social protection of the military personnel determined by carrying out complex military reform. At the same time, despite positive dynamics of increase in satisfaction of the military personnel with social guarantees, in practice there is unresolved a number of social problems, including an insufficient monetary allowance, providing with ware property, quality and availability of the provided services in the sphere of medicine, culture and leisure. 

Key words

military service, serviceman, system of social protection, social guarantees, satisfaction 

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